How to Restore Water Damaged Items

How to Restore Water Damaged Items

When water from a flood, a leaky pipe, or heavy rainfall damages our property, it can be overwhelming. We are often so preoccupied with structural damage, we tend to overlook the small stuff. These are the items in our homes that hold sentimental value. Let’s take a look at how we can salvage our valuable family treasures.

Salvaging Wooden Furniture

Dry out wood furniture pieces that get wet. Place them in a well-ventilated area where the temperature is warm. An operating fan will speed up the drying process. Wet spots can also be fixed. If they are dark, bleach the finish on the wood and repeat. For white spots, gently rub a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste into the spot.

Drying Wet Textiles

Your wardrobe can possibly be salvaged. First, identify what textiles can be saved. Wash them in hot water, detergent, and chlorine bleach. If you have upholstered furniture that got wet, try using a steam cleaner to extract moisture. Clean it with upholstery detergent and rinse with distilled water. Let it dry in areas with running fans and dehumidifiers.

Saving Water Damaged Electronics

If an electronic device gets wet, disconnect it from the power supply and turn it off. Remove the battery and the USB or SD card. Dry the device with a soft cloth. Put the electronic device in rice to help draw out the moisture until a professional can check it.

Restoring Documents and Photos

Don’t throw out important paperwork or photo albums that were damaged by water. There are ways to recover them. Put documents in a dry place. Place each loose sheet on a non-printed paper towel. Carefully remove wet photos from their enclosure and let them air dry. If books are suffering from water damage, lay the book flat and open. Place non-printed paper towels between sections of pages.

Fixing Wet Framed Artwork

If your artwork gets wet, here’s what you can do. Remove the artwork from the frame. If the picture is stable, gently blot away the wetness with a clean towel. Let it dry indoors in a place with good air circulation away from heat and sunlight. If the painting is damaged, consult a professional conservator. If photos, artwork, or documents are stuck to the glass of a frame, leave them alone so they can air dry.

Water Damaged Leather Goods

Use a lukewarm, wet sponge to remove mud and work out water stains. Blot dry with soft cloths or towels. Apply a leather protector. To keep rawhide, semi-tanned leather, and fur supple, gently and frequently manipulate them during drying.

Drying Wet Basketry

If baskets get wet, gently rinse, drain, and blot them to remove excess water. Don’t wring or twist to dry. Stuff the baskets with paper towels or cotton sheets to absorb stains and keep the shape. Let the baskets air dry, regularly changing the blotting material.

Let Us Clean It Up

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