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5 Signs That You Have a Sewage Leak

October 9, 2019

A broken or damaged sewer line is one of the last things any homeowner wants to deal with. Whether it’s old sewer pipes pushed past the breaking point or tree root intrusion forcing damage, a sewage leak should be taken care of as quickly as possible for the health and safety of your family. What are some of the tell-tale signs of a sewage leak?

5 Signs That You Have a Sewage Leak

  1. What’s that smell? One of the first signs of trouble that most homeowners notice is the distinct odor of sewage. Sewer gas can occasionally end up in or around your home for other reasons, like a dried-out drain, but an overwhelming sewage scent is a strong indication of a sewage leak, backup or broken line.
  2. Is your toilet making noises? A strange noise coming from your toilet is usually not a good sign. If your toilet is making a gurgling or bubbling sound after you flush, it’s a sign that a sewer line might be broken. Because gurgling is the sound of air being briefly trapped and pushed out again, it could mean that air is being introduced into your sewer line.
  3. Does your home have a lingering mold issue? Mold growth is another sign of a potential sewage leak. Some molds only need humidity levels slightly above 55% to start growing and flourish. A single cracked or leaking sewer pipe behind a wall can lead to high humidity levels that turn into a mold problem.
  4. How quickly are your toilet, bathtub and sink draining? A slow drain could indicate a sewage backup. If your bathtub, sink and toilet are still draining slowly despite attempts to clear the line and removing any hair from the drain, you could be dealing with cracks, channeling or tree root intrusion that are causing a sewage leak.
  5. Does your lawn have one bright patch? It sounds strange, but having one portion of your lawn that is particularly lush and green is a sign that you could have a sewage leak. Sewage is a rich fertilizer for plants, and a sewage leak will give the grass in the area surrounding it plenty of extra nutrients that lead to extra growth.

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